Website translation


Have your websites translated and thereby gain access to the entire Swiss or even international market. When having your entire website or just individual web pages translated, it is vital that your message is concise and reaches your target audience. Our team has lots of experience in this area and thanks to the support of copy-writers, certainly strikes the right tone in a stylistically flawless website text. As all translators translate exclusively into their native language, we ensure a linguistically flawless end product.


For all customers we maintain a glossary with customer and industry-specific terminology, which is updated and added to with each order. We would also be happy to adopt your terminology lists and observe the wording specifications of your company, thereby respecting your corporate language and identity. Thanks to our clearly defined processes and our two-man rule, we can always ensure consistency and a standard style.


If you wish to have your entire website or just a single web page translated, we offer the following three options:


Website translation: translation from a text file

You send us your internet texts as Word, Excel, XML or text files, and we return our translation in the same format.


Please find information on our translation rates here: Rates


Website translation: translation from a website

If your texts are only available online, then send us the relevant links with the necessary instructions on the passages to be translated. When we translate your website, we will deal with extracting the text and provide you with the finished texts as a Word file.


For extracting the text there is a surcharge of 10% of the cost of translation.


Website translation: translating directly on the website

You can also give us access to your CMS system and we can translate your internet texts directly on your website. In a prior briefing you can give us specific instructions and indicate your requirements.


If we translate directly on your websites there is a surcharge of 10% of the cost of translation per language combination or we charge per hour.


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