Officially certified translations


Do you need a sworn translation for your employer, the court, the registry office or for an adoption? Then you have come to the right place. We translate your official documents and have these certified by a notary.


Notarised translation of official documents

When is certification required?


A sworn translation may be necessary for documents including the following which you need to submit to the authorities:

  • Birth certificates, certificates of no impediment, marriage certificates, divorce certificates

  • Documents for naturalisation
  • Passports, visa certificates and residence certificates
  • School certificates, training certificates and employers' references
  • Contracts such as employment contract, purchase agreement and credit agreement
  • Articles of association and commercial register excerpt

Notarised translation, Apostille and authentication

Depending on the purpose of use and destination country, there may be different requirements concerning the type of certification.


Notarisation means that our chief executive and qualified translator declares that the translation was performed by one of our translators to the best of their knowledge and belief. The notary's office certifies the signature of our chief executive. In the majority of cases this is adequate.


If your document is required abroad, foreign authorities sometimes also require, in addition to certification of signatures, authentication or an Apostille from the state chancellery. This is a confirmation of the validity of the signature of the functionary of the notary's office, the nature of their work and that the seal or stamp on the certificate is genuine.


Apostille certification is a particular type of authentication: it guarantees that sworn translations will be accepted in the destination country without further certification by diplomatic or consular representation.



Send us your documents to be translated in one of the following ways:

    • scan documents and send by e-mail to:

    • copy documents and send by post to:


Apostroph Group

Marktgasse 32

3011 Bern

Please also provide the following information:

    • Your first name(s), surname and address

    • Your telephone number with information on when you can be reached on this number
    • Details on the target language: into which language should your documents be translated?
    • Details on certification: do you need certification or an Apostille?
    • Details on the deadline: when do you need the translated documents?
    • Information for collection: will you personally collect and pay for the sworn translation? 

With these details we can process your enquiries for sworn translation very swiftly.


For further information on sworn translation contact us!