Translation – price list

Fair and transparent! 

A fair price policy is a major concern for us. "Fair" to us means appropriate remuneration proportional to the qualification of qualified translators who are specialised in certain fields. We do not set our charges at extremly high levels, but neither do we work for knock-down prices. Professional translators would hardly be motivated to put in a great deal of effort and research a very difficult professional translation if the price was too low. Moreover, we often work with experts, which greatly increases the quality of our translations, but of course at the same time this is not free.


Translations: you can calculate translation rates at any time online using our rate calculator.  You can also submit a quotation request or contact us directly.


Translation: calculate rates

Our translations are generally calculated according to the number of standard lines of the translated text. A standard line has 55 characters including spaces.


Example calculation of lines (standard lines):

your text has 6600 characters including spaces

(Word > Review > Word Count).

6600 ÷ 55 = 120 lines (standard lines)


As translations are often a little longer, depending on the language, you can include a 20% margin on the number of lines and thereby obtain a cost ceiling. 


Translation: rates and fees


Language group A 

Rate per line

Hourly rate

German, English, Flemish*, French,

Dutch*, Italian, Croatian*, Macedonian*,

Portuguese, Serbian*, Spanish, Turkish*,


3.50 – 4.00




Language group B


Albanian*, Greek*, Catalan*, Polish*,

Romansh*, Romanian*, Russian*,

Ukrainian*, Hungarian*

4.50 – 5.00




Language group C


Arabic*, Bulgarian*, Danish*, Finnish*,

Kurdish*, Latin*, Norwegian*, Swedish*,

Slovenian*, Turkmen*

5.00 – 5.50




Language group D


Basque*, Estonian*, Latvian*,

Lithuanian*, Urdu*, Uzbek*

5.50 – 6.00




Language group E


Chinese*, Hebrew*, Indonesian*,

Japanese*, Korean*, Persian*, Tamil*,

Thai*, Vietnamese* 

6.00 – 6.50


* in cooperation with our partner agency


All prices are in CHF (excl. VAT). Other languages on request.


Rates for additional services


Minimum charge

CHF 75.–

Administration fee

CHF 25.–



Creation of Word document



added to the number of lines



Website translation without a text file   



added to the number of lines 

SEO translation 



added to the number of lines

SEO analyses and texts

CHF 120.– / hour

Keyword analysis   

CHF 120.– / hour




 CHF 30.– / document


 CHF 50.– / document


For regular collaboration and/or large volumes of text our GT subscription service offers interesting terms and special rates. If you are interested please contact us!


Deadlines and express service

Ideally indicate your desired deadline for delivery at the enquiry stage. After receiving the text and checking the volume and degree of difficulty we can advise whether your deadline is achievable and confirm a binding delivery date.


Depending on the urgency we can also translate shorter texts within a few hours or overnight. In these cases there is a 40% surcharge.


For further information contact us!