Professional translators

Find the right professional translator with us, guaranteed!

In addition to their proven language knowledge, our professional translations have additional training and several years of experience in one to two specialist fields. This means that, depending on the text type, we work with experts including:

  • Architects

  • Engineers
  • Biologists
  • Chemists
  • Medical practitioners
  • Lawyers
  • Commercial and banking experts

Find out more about our specialist fields here: Specialisms 


A second specialist is responsible for editing. They read through the source text and the translation in parallel and word by word and review the correct reproduction of content, style, grammar and syntax along with adherence to customer specifications and specific customer and technical terminology.


Before working with them, our professional translators are tested with a sample translation which is checked and analysed by our experts. If the result corresponds to our requirements the professional translator can take on their first proper translation orders, their work being closely monitored and supported by us. There should be an awareness of the specific characteristics of the industry. Furthermore, adherence to our customers' requirements and instructions with regard to language, style and tone is reviewed. If our professional translators are trained to the required standard, they work without our supervision, however they continue to work with editors who proofread their translations. The review of a translation by a professional is not only used to revise the translation but also as a basis for a lively exchange of opinions, which greatly increases the quality of our translations.


Thanks to regular continuous training in their specialist field, our professional translators are always in contact with the relevant industry and are informed of innovations and the most recent developments.


So that our professional translators can work easily with our CAT program (computer assisted translation program) SDL Trados Studio 2019 and can use it correctly, we support them with instructions or can also offer training if necessary.


Please find information on our costs for translation here: Rates