Medical translation

Specialist knowledge for medical translation

Medical translation requires very accurate work and an extremely sound specialist knowledge. For this reason we have put together a specialist team for medical translation, which consists of medical practitioners and specialists with long-standing experience in the medical and healthcare sector.


For all customers we maintain a glossary with customer and industry-specific terminology, which is updated and added to with each order. We would also be happy to adopt your terminology lists and observe the wording specifications of your company, thereby respecting your corporate language and identity.


Thanks to our clearly defined processes and our two-man rule, we can offer high quality medical translation. Our CAT program (computer assisted translation program) SDL Trados Studio 2019 is also used in medical translation and highlights text passages which have already been translated and which can be adopted for consistency reasons in many cases. After translation, a medical text is proofread by a second professional and checked for completeness and the correct content, spelling, grammar and syntax.


Medical translation also needs to be adapted to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target market. Native professional translators need to know your industry and your product and be able to understand your target audience. We therefore consider it important that either the person translating or the person proofreading not only has close contact to the country or region of the target audience but also lives there.


We translate medical documents for you that include the following:

  • Medical documents and treatment diagnoses

  • Information documents for patients and doctors
  • Doctor and medical prescriptions
  • Clinical, toxicological, pharmaceutical and biological documents
  • Scientific articles
  • Medical manuals, software, brochures
  • Descriptions of medical devices, surgical aids and equipment
  • Product declarations and presentations
  • Training documentation

We translate your Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. At request we can also convert texts from PDF files into Word and deliver these as continuous text. We can also work with InDesign and XML files.


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