Legal translation

Quality and professionalism

We translate legal texts in collaboration with lawyers. This means that we can guarantee the necessary specialist knowledge and precise legal terminology. At the same time all specialists translate into their native language so that a linguistically flawless result can be ensured.


For legal translation it is important that we know your target group and that we are familiar with the legal systems of the source and target texts, because these are often different. This means we can use the correct terminology and also make a text accessible to a target audience, even one that lives under another legal system. It is therefore imperative that the professional translations are not only well versed in different legal systems, but that they have a particularly close connection with the country of the target group – or better still live there – to always be able to factor in the perspective of the target audience as a basis for a translation. Only if these prerequisites are met every single word can be transferred precisely into the target language or be explained if need be in the translation to align the different legal meanings and exclude serious negative consequences.

In addition we also need to know who the text being translated is aimed at. Does it address a specialist audience, for instance a set of lawyers, or is it aimed at laypeople? Depending on the target group, different vocabulary and different formulations are used.


Thanks to our clearly defined processes and our two-man rule, we can offer high-quality legal translation. After translation the text is proofread by a second professional and checked for completeness and the correct content, spelling, grammar and syntax.


Our translator team for legal translation works on texts including:

  • General terms and conditions

  • Delivery conditions
  • Company reports
  • Commercial register excerpts
  • Contracts of all kinds
  • Judgements, decrees
  • Patent applications, patent documentation
  • Securities

We translate your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. On request we can also convert texts from PDF files into Word and deliver these as continuous text. We can also work with InDesign and XML files.


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