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German – Mandarin & Mandarin – German translation

The translators with whom we work translate exclusively into their native language. In all cases they also have expert knowledge of their specialist field.


First of all we always note your specific instructions for German – Mandarin & Mandarin – German translation, for instance relating to tone, style or terminology.


Furthermore, we consider the characteristics of the target audience to have a decisive influence on the specifics of the end product. According to the addressed audience, a German source text can produce many different Mandarin translations. Equally, on the basis of a Mandarin source text, entirely different German translations can be produced depending on the target audience.


The geographical region for which the translation is intended is a deciding factor for a translation to specifically address its target market. In which country is the translation to be used? Does the text need to be applicable to an international audience or is a national terminology required?


We also take into account sociological and demographic factors when carrying out German – Mandarin & Mandarin – German translation. Is the translation designed for experts or for laypeople? Is the target text aimed at working people, at youth, children or the elderly? Each target audience consequently receives a translation tailored to its specific characteristics.


German – Mandarin translation produced by German – Mandarin translators

Our expert German – Mandarin translators are always Mandarin native speakers.

In German – Mandarin translation it is still vital to know at which target group the translation is aimed. Will the text be read in China, Taiwan or Singapore? Or is the text perhaps to be used across the world? And what script should be used, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese characters?

Depending on the target group we assign your order to the appropriate German – Mandarin translator. This means that we can guarantee that your audience is specifically addressed.


Mandarin – German translation produced by Mandarin – German translators

The same principles apply to a Mandarin – German translation: Our Mandarin – German translators are always German native speakers. At the beginning of any translation job we pose the question: Where will the translation be used - in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? What is the target audience? Depending on the addressed audience we assign your order to the appropriate Mandarin – German translator, thereby ensuring a result that is absolutely specific to your target group.


We guarantee that all of the mentioned factors will be taken into consideration – your product is of high quality and at the same time ensured to be tailored to your desired target audience!


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