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English – Chinese & Chinese – English translation

It is a matter of course that our translators only translate into their mother tongue. On top of this they are also experts in their chosen fields.


First of all we always note your specific instructions for English – Chinese & Chinese – English translation, for instance relating to tone, style or terminology.


Yet we also consider the characteristics of the target audience to be a decisive criterion in the preparation of the translation. According to the addressed audience, an English source text can generate many different Chinese translations. Equally, on the basis of a Chinese source text, entirely different English translations can be produced depending on the target audience.


Apart from that, geographical considerations are of key importance for producing a translation geared towards the target market. In which country is the addressed audience? Is a national terminology desired or does the text need to be aimed at an international audience?


However, we also take into consideration sociological and demographic factors when carrying out English – Chinese & Chinese – English translation. Is the translation intended for a specialist audience or for laypeople? Should elderly people, professionals, youth or families be addressed? Consequently, each target audience receives a translation perfectly geared towards their specific qualities.


English – Chinese translation produced by English – Chinese translators

Our expert English – Chinese translators are always Chinese native speakers.

In English – Chinese translation it is still vital to know at which target group the translation is aimed. Will the text be read in Taiwan or in China? Or is the text perhaps aimed at an international audience? Does it need to be translated into Cantonese or Mandarin? And which script is to be used, should we work with Traditional or Simplified Chinese?


Depending on the target group we assign your order to the appropriate English – Chinese translator. We are therefore able to guarantee that the audience really is specifically addressed.


Chinese – English translation produced by Chinese – English translators

The same principles are applicable to a Chinese – English translation: Our Chinese – English translators are always English native speakers. Is the translation destined for England, Canada or the USA? Which audience needs to be addressed? Depending on the addressed audience we assign your order to the appropriate Chinese – English translator, thereby ensuring a result that is absolutely specific to your target group.


To ensure your product is really reaches your target audience, we consistently take into account all the mentioned factors – you receive a thoroughly high quality product!


Please find information on our costs for English – Chinese & Chinese – English translation here: Rates