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GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS is synonymous with professional language translation of the highest quality and offers the perfect solutions for numerous language combinations. Languages

Professional translation

GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS is your partner for professional translation, which is guaranteed to be right for your industry and target audience. Professional translation

Sworn translation

GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS is your professional partner for high-quality, notarised translations of official documents. Sworn translation

Website translation

Have your website professionally and competently translated by GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS. The result is guaranteed to impress you! Website translation

SEO translation

Improve your ranking in search engines! GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS is your competent partner for professional SEO texts and SEO translation. SEO translation

Translation rates

GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS provides professional translation. Rates are calculated according to standard lines and are standard for the market and fair. Translation rates

Communication in the language of your target audience

Translations are not only important for internationally active companies. Even in quadrilingual Switzerland or in bilingual regions, communication in the language of the target audience is key. And it is not only the translators' command of a language that plays a role. Just as important are demographic, geographic and specific idiosyncrasies of the target group. Our translators consider whether the recipients of the texts are, for instance, young people, elderly, laypeople, experts, people from Biel, Geneva, Ticino or Italy, in order to select the appropriate language, to set the right tone and to use the most suitable terminology.


GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS is synonymous with quality and works exclusively with experienced and highly qualified translators, linguists and qualified proofreaders. Our language experts are supported by specialists in fields including the following:

Thanks to this collaboration with specialists we can guarantee professional and technically correct translations.

Professional translations

To deliver linguistically flawless texts, every translation is proofread and checked word for word by a second specialist to check whether the translation is complete, everything has been understood and rendered correctly and to correct any spelling, grammar, style and syntax errors.


Corporate language – your calling card

The closer we collaborate with our customers, the higher the quality of our translations. Consequently, we gather feedback relating to terminology, tonality, required correspondence language and formulations and discuss this with our translators. The texts are then adapted accordingly, stored in a translation database (translation memory) and customer-specific or industry-specific terminology is recorded in a glossary. When translating, all our translators have access to all the previous translations stored in the translation database, to the glossary and to customer-specific instructions. Thanks to our clearly defined processes we ensure consistency and continuity and you will provide your target groups with permanently professional communication. Using appropriate wording, a so-called corporate language, enables us to contribute to your corporate identity and thereby to your calling card.


Translations for the internet

On the internet it is not only important to have a stylistically flawless text, correct grammar and technically correct terminology, you also need to use important keywords to optimise your ranking with Google or other search engines. Do you know how your target group searches for your company and services on the internet? Do you know your keywords in the relevant foreign languages? We can provide professional support in this area. Further information can be found under SEO translation.