Transcription – transcribing service


Transcription is the textualisation of spoken language. Films or audio recordings are converted to text, verbal language content is reproduced in writing. Our language experts transcribe audio word for word in written form.


We would be happy to relieve you of the time-consuming transcribing of your audio and video recordings. On request you will receive a professional transcription of audio files including:

  • short films

  • reports
  • interviews
  • promotional films

Depending on requirements, pauses and word emphasises can also be visually highlighted.


Common formats are audio CD, CD-ROM, DVD, wav, mp3 and wma.

We can work with other formats and media carriers on request.


Please note that six to eight hours are required to transcribe one hour of audio text, depending on the transcription rules and sound quality. Therefore please schedule in enough time for this step. 


Costs of our transcribing service

The costs are determined by the quality of the audio/video recordings and the requirements. In principle, a rate of CHF 10.- to 15.- plus VAT is charged per minute of audio being transcribed.


Transcription service with translation

Would you like to have a text transcribed and then translated into another language? Would you like to translate films?

After audio or video transcription our professional translators can translate the resulting text. The text length, pauses and particular stresses are considered.

Translating films is a great challenge. The audio not only needs to be correct but the conventions of spoken language also need to be adapted and reproduced. Spoken language has a different sound to it than written language. Translating films therefore means primarily letting people talk.


Naturally, the translation of a transcribed text will be carried out by a professional translator as with standard translation. The responsible persons only translate into their native language and are well versed in the respective specialist area. A second professional is responsible for editing and reads the source text and the translation side by side and word by word. They check the correct reproduction of the source text, style, grammar and syntax and also adherence to customer specifications and specific technical and customer terminology. 


Translation price list

In contrast to the transcribing service, translation is calculated according to standard lines. Further information can be found under rates.