Stylistically and linguistically flawless texts


Our editing team is made up of trained and qualified

  • proofreaders,

  • linguists,
  • translators,
  • copy-writers

and other language professionals who scrutinise your texts. They revise your texts, focusing on aspects of language and style. Thanks to their many years of experience and expert knowledge they instantly uncover errors of any kind.


For instance, there are no future predictions (pleonasm, duplication), since predictions are always directed to the future and failure cannot be pre-programmed (also a pleonasm), for a programme is always produced before its first application.


In addition, you do not come out of the door and come down the steps, but walk out of the door and walk down the steps. And if you would like to apply to train as a teacher, the chances are considerably higher if you apply to train to become a teacher.


Depending on requirements the editor also checks phrasing, logic, paragraphs and structure along with the general comprehension of the text. Intricate sentences that are difficult to understand and passages which are too colloquial will be reformulated and word repetitions removed. The editor will also optimise your text typographically. For instance, incorrectly used hyphens will be replaced by dashes, non-breaking spaces added and the correct quotation marks used. Often in the rush it is precisely these details that are neglected, details that are important for the correct emphasis and therefore comprehension of a text and additionally that make a text appear flawless.

When editing it is not only knowledge of the correct handling of the mentioned formalities that is important. Equally pivotal is a reputable implementation of editing work. Our editors are extremely disciplined and conscientious and can therefore apply the specified typographical rules consistently throughout many pages.


So that we can edit your text in the best possible way, the editor will also ask the question of what target audience the text is directed at. Will your text be read by laypeople or by a specialist audience? How old are your readers and where do they live? We revise your text with this background in mind so that you receive a target group specific result.


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