Simultaneous interpreters


Do you need simultaneous translation, or simultaneous interpreting by its technically correct name, for your event? Then you have come to the right place!


In simultaneous interpreting (also called conference interpreting), contributions are translated simultaneously, i.e. at about the same time. Simultaneous interpreters sit in a soundproofed cubicle and listen to the speaker via headphones. At the same time they convert the spoken word via a microphone into the target language. The translated content is immediately relayed to the conference participants via headphones.


Simultaneous interpreting not only requires highly developed linguistic skills but also great professional expertise. Equally it requires an extremely high level of concentration. For this reason simultaneous interpreters often work in teams of two per language direction so that they can alternate regularly.


Simultaneous interpreting enables content to be transferred coinstantaneously into many languages without great additional outlay in terms of time, even for major events.


Whispered interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting can also be practised at a whisper. In this case one to four people group around the interpreter, since they are not using microphones or headphones. Whispered interpretation is also possible using the "Bidule system". This system of simultaneous interpretation entails a "case" with headphones for about 20 listeners, which is sent directly to the client. Consequently, neither cubicles nor conference technicians are necessary. The interpreter sits near the speaker and whispers simultaneously into a microphone. Their voice is heard by the listeners through headphones. 

In case no fixed, installed facilities are available at the conference location, the organiser can hire portable cubicles that can be set up for simultaneous interpreting.


We would also be happy to provide you with more detailed information on working with interpreters which could be extremely helpful for organising your event.

Please note that we can also provide the necessary translations for your event. Do certain handouts need to be translated? Do you need a translation of your presentations? We would be also happy to provide translations for you, thereby ensuring a common thread that will certainly impress your audience.


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