Simultaneous interpreting

Professional simultaneous interpreters that are highly experienced in their specialist areas forge the bridges between language that you need. Simultaneous interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Our professional consecutive interpreters contribute to the success of your event with their specialist knowledge. Consecutive interpreting

Interpreter or translator?

Find out more about translation and interpreting. These are two entirely different professions with their own very specific characteristics. Interpreter or translator?

Many of us have a certain command of two or even three languages. We speak a foreign language well enough to shop abroad, ask the way or chat with the person sitting next to us. However, as soon as we need to use another language for business and suddenly every word counts, it becomes considerably more difficult for most of us. A bridge between languages is often urgently needed. This is where interpreters come in. For international organisations they are a part of the system that they can no longer do without, and in other areas as well they are being increasingly used to overcome language barriers.


Are you looking for an interpreter?

Are you looking for a suitable interpreter for your conference, company visit, meeting or negotiations? We would be pleased to organise the right experts for your event. Our interpreters are not only extremely competent linguistically but also extremely competent at their job. They are trained in various types of interpreting and all have a recognised qualification. They are highly experienced, friendly, reliable, flexible and consequently can support you at your event with the utmost professionalism every step of the way.


We distinguish primarily between the following types of interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting means direct interpreting, i.e. the immediate transfer of spoken language whereas consecutive interpreting involves indirect interpretation. The content is first recorded by the interpreter and reproduced later on.


We would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information on working with interpreters which could be extremely helpful for organising your event.

Please note that we can also provide the necessary translations for your event. Do certain handouts need to be translated? Do you need a translation of your presentations? We would be also happy to provide translations for you, thereby ensuring a common thread that will certainly impress your audience.


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