Qualité plus 


Since 2000 the language service provider GLOBAL TRANSALTIONS GmbH has been synonymous with the highest quality and ever since it has gone it's own way in terms of service processes. The established work stages are now to be given a name with the QUALITÉ PLUS label. 

 Qualité Plus label

QUALITÉ PLUS means that

  • every translator only translates into their native language,

  • every translator possesses relevant training,
  • every translator only translates into their specialist field,
  • experts in diverse specialist fields (law, finance, medicine, engineering) are also part of the team and so an expert processing of your order is guaranteed and
  • internally, only qualified translators are employed.

QUALITÉ PLUS also means that

  • every translation is proofread before delivery by a second professional word by word with the source and target text side by side (two-man rule),

  • every proofreading order and every press proof is worked on by two professionals (two-man rule),
  • per customer, specialist field and language combination, it is always the same professionals who are assigned and
  • for every customer a company and subject specific glossary is created.

QUALITÉ PLUS – a plus for every client! 


Clearly defined processes

In several internal workshops we have analysed and discussed the steps from customer enquiry to delivery of the translation and post-translation work. The aim was to define the optimum process. This was subsequently mapped out and is now the basis of every translation order.

 Translation process