Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters ASTTI


The organisation was founded in 1966 and today comprises several hundred members.

ASTTI maintains the professional, legal, economic and social rights of its members. The association promotes the continued development and improvement of professional qualifications.


One of the ASTTI’s key concerns is quality. The association advocates this in its role as mediator between employers and language-based professionals, rigorously testing the specialist skills of active members within the context of a strict admissions procedure.


The Chief Executive of GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS is a member of the ASTTI. Her professional competence has been checked in a thorough admissions process and her sample translations were closely analysed. We are proud that our work and philosophy meet the requirements of the ASTTI.


ASTTI quality

A professional code of conduct and ethics is followed by all members of the ASTTI. As a customer you are therefore assured that

  • your translator, terminologist or interpreter is committed to the highest quality requirements,

  • you are working with a partner, whose quality of service has been tested in a strict acceptance procedure,
  • these orders are only accepted if they are technically and linguistically qualified for them,
  • they comply with deadlines and
  • guarantee absolute confidentiality.

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