Intercultural competence


In contact with foreign business partners or colleagues and when developing new markets, good preparation with regard to different cultures is vital. What is important when dealing with other cultures? How does business work in other countries? What do you need to know about the relevant etiquette? Intercultural competence is necessary for smooth collaboration beyond cultural boundaries.

Despite or even because of rapidly advancing globalisation, cultural idiosyncrasies need to be even more greatly emphasised and cultivated in the future: even as international links improve, we are becoming increasingly aware of the individual and the local identity in developing self-assurance and maintaining stability. Accordingly, it is increasingly important to recognise the special characteristics of your own and other cultures and whilst being aware of this diversity, to find common ground: a deeper understanding of cultural relationships and intercultural competency are essential conditions for this.


Intercultural communication

Communication between two cultures is more than just the exchange of information. The cultural idiosyncrasies of the business partners and the different type of communication greatly influence those involved in an exchange. It is therefore vital to be aware of these cultural differences when communicating. We work with coaches and intercultural trainers and can support you with various intercultural training sessions.


Intercultural marketing

Even in advertising, intercultural competence and cultural aspects are critical to your success. An advertisement or poster cannot just be translated. It must be checked, for example, whether the images achieve the corresponding effect on the target audience, whether the visual language and colour selection holds any negative connotations in the respective culture, or whether a play on words is possible in the other languages.


To guarantee the cost-effectiveness and success of an advertising campaign, we can provide consultation support right at the planning stage. Further information can be found under intercultural marketing.