Internal jobs

Customer advice group leader (full-time)

Customer adviser (full-time)

Office and project management trainee (full-time)

German > French translator/editor (full-time)

Legal translator/editor (French, 60% to full-time)

Translator internship at GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS


We are currently also urgently seeking freelance partners for legal translations:

  • German > English (UK) Swiss law
  • German > French (CH) Swiss law
  • German > Italian (CH) Swiss law

You are a lawyer or a translator with proven experience of Swiss law. Ideally you are familiar with XTM or are prepared to work with it.
Please send your application, marked "XTM CH_Recht" to info@global, indicating your specialist area(s), language combination(s) and rates, and enclosing your CV. We will then contact you immediately for a test translation.


Freelance translators required

We are delighted that you are interested in working with us!
Bitte bewerben Sie sich aussschliesslich über dieses Formular .


We regularly look for freelance translators and editors.


For us it is important that every partner

  • works into their native language as the target language
  • has a degree in translation or a similar qualification,
  • has a maximum of four specialisms.

Your application should clearly tell us your:

  • Source language(s)
  • Specialisms
  • Education, experience and qualifications
  • Rates and terms 

If we have a need for your services when we receive your application, we will contact you and offer you a test order.